The River House

Nestled on the shore of the St. Johns River there is a magnificent custom pool home that was envisioned by Homeowner Stuart Kirban. What started as an interior remodel shifted to more of a whole-house rebuild/restoration after weighing the opportunities to start over with a completely new interior floorplan versus conceding to design conflicts the existing layout presented.

Stuart assembled a very talented Design and Construction team that produce a highly regarded final product. The project went on to earn recognition by the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)with a 2020 Grand ARDA (American Residential Design Award). The home also was recognized at the Southeast Builders Conference at the Aurora Awards for the Best Remodeled/Restore Single Family Home.

Our team genuinely enjoys delivering custom homes to our clients that are uniquely tailored to fit their lifestyles and exceed their highest expectations, and we are truly proud of the home we created with Stuart. Now that they have had a chance to settle into their River House, we sat down with Stuart to learn more about his experience with Hardwick.

How a Riverside Dream Home Came to Life…

How did you first hear about Greg Hardwick?

I heard about him through the grapevine from an architectural designer friend of mine, but then I saw he won an award for one of his remodeling jobs and I decided to give him a call.

What project did you hire him for initially?

Well, first he did some work in my restaurant, years ago in 2008. It was a great experience, so I hired him to build my house here on the river. We tore down the old house and rebuilt the new house from the ground up, partnering with an architect and a designer to bring my vision to life.

What results do you get from working with Greg Hardwick?

I love the house. During the process, I was impressed that he has good control over his contractors and vendors, because then they show up and they complete the work professionally. I was happy with the fact that things went really smoothly.

What is it that you liked most about working with Greg?

The fact that he is responsive. He follows up, he returns phone calls immediately when he can’t pick up, and that’s important.

Why would you recommend Hardwick and his team to someone who might be on the fence about who to choose?

He follows through on his promises.

What was your experience with members of the team?

He had a great project manager that I worked with, he was really good. Other than that, I didn’t interact with the team much.

Can you describe your home in your own words?

Well, I love the finishes and they have held up really well over time, it still feels new. I love the theater and I love the layout. I’ve been really happy here.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working with Hardwick?

I like the fact that he was in touch, even though he had a project manager here. Any time I needed to get to him he was easily accessible.

To sum it all up, I would highly recommend Hardwick to anybody looking to build a home!

At Hardwick General Contracting, our top priority in every build is you, our customer. We know that creating a home for your family is a very personal experience, and we take that responsibility seriously. We hope that reading Stuart’s story, and other Hardwick client testimonials, will help future clients to understand the experience that they can expect when working with us. We realize that trust is the foundation of any strong relationship and we work daily to uphold that value.