Embrace the allure of year-round sunshine and Florida’s laid-back lifestyle with luxury homes seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. At Hardwick General Contracting, we specialize in crafting sprawling residences in Orlando that invite you to unwind amidst artfully designed gardens, patios, and pools. Our commitment lies in understanding why Central Florida living compels us to bring the outside in.

Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

Finding your outdoor oasis is integral for homeowners seeking tranquility and space to entertain spontaneously. Our harmonious indoor-outdoor floorplans cater to your unique lifestyle, dissolving living area boundaries across your property’s sprawling landscape. Let us show you the possibilities when the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces disappears.

Simplified Indoor-Outdoor Living

In the temperate climate of Florida, dedicating extra square footage to indoor-outdoor spaces is both achievable and intelligent. We specialize in capitalizing on Orlando’s weather patterns by incorporating room extensions through innovative design efforts. Large operable folding glass facades connect indoor gathering areas with outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and poolside cabanas, promoting flexibility and a refreshing fresh air flow.

Entertaining Made Effortless

Entertainment takes center stage in Central Florida luxury living, and our designs optimize homes for spontaneous hosting. Cohesive integration of indoor and outdoor areas simplifies party hosting, ensuring guests feel comfortable mingling on a covered lanai or by a fireplace. Explore some of our favorite outdoor entertaining features:

– Al Fresco Kitchens & Dining Areas: Craft dedicated weatherproof outdoor kitchens with top-notch amenities for gourmet experiences.

– Light it up: Illuminate your garden with LED landscape lighting and pool lighting that can be programmed to work together.

– Weatherproof Television, Sound & Power: Install beautiful weatherproof audio and video for backyard and poolside enjoyment, easily controlled through smart home systems.

– Multifunction Fire & Water Features: From cozy fire pits to cascading water walls, let your backyard elements inspire a deeper connection.

Designing with Purpose: Indoor-Outdoor Considerations

While Florida’s climate facilitates seamless outdoor and indoor space integration, our designs prioritize durability alongside seamless style. Factors like sun positioning, weather dynamics, covered overhangs,  radiant barrier roofing and insulation, storm shutters, perimeter foliage, and barrier-free flooring transitions are meticulously considered to ensure long-term enjoyment.

Your Dream Home Awaits

The Florida lifestyle beckons those who savor generous time outdoors. Let us make the seamless connection between internal home life and the natural landscape easily achievable. As premier luxury homebuilders specializing in indoor/outdoor living, Hardwick General Contracting envisions, creates, and delivers stunningly engineered residences across Orlando.

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