At Hardwick GC, we understand the huge appeal of building a gorgeous custom home here in sunny Central Florida. When potential clients come to us, they’re excited about the prospect of creating a new residence tailored precisely to their family’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. And we don’t blame them! Embarking on a custom build offers some truly outstanding benefits you just can’t get with an existing home or pre-designed community. Allow us to walk you through a few of the biggest advantages.

Design It Your Own Way

One of the clearest perks of our custom home-building process? You’re 100% in the driver’s seat when it comes to design. Dreaming of a spacious chef’s kitchen with double ovens and a huge island? It can absolutely be part of the plan. Want five bedrooms instead of four to accommodate your growing family? Not a problem at all. Picturing a warm, rustic aesthetic with exposed beams and stone accents? Our architects will bring that vision to life.

From the functional layout to the interior and exterior finishes, you get to call the shots on every single detail, big or small. That kind of creative control ensures your new place will be personalized down to the studs, reflecting your unique style and day-to-day needs. No compromising or making do with someone else’s idea of a “dream” home.

Sustainable and Energy-Savvy

Here in Florida, energy efficiency is a major priority for many homeowners looking to keep those utility bills down. That’s why we make it easy to incorporate all the latest eco-friendly tech and sustainable practices into your custom build right from the start.  

Want solar panels to harness renewable energy from those sunny Florida skies? Done. Interested in smart home automation to reduce wasteful energy consumption? We can build that seamlessly into the electrical and HVAC systems. From high-performance insulation and Low-E windows to Energy Star appliances and low-flow fixtures, we’ll wrap it all into the design. 

Our esteemed affiliation with the Florida Green Building Coalition signifies more than a title — it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of eco-conscious practices in luxury homebuilding, championing energy efficiency, minimal site impact, and innovative disaster mitigation. This dedication has distinguished us as the coalition’s first-ever Platinum Level certification recipient. For those aspiring to luxury living in Orlando, the journey is simplified to one initial step: engaging with Hardwick GC.

Built for Real Life

Speaking of designs optimized for YOUR real life…that’s one of the biggest benefits of building custom with Hardwick GC. Our team takes the time upfront to truly understand your family’s daily patterns, interests, and future needs. Then we carefully craft spaces and amenities that will serve you better than any regular production home could.

For instance, we often include dedicated hobby or flex rooms based on our clients’ favorite pastimes like crafting, gaming, working on cars, you name it. Or we’ll design kitchen, dining, and outdoor living areas with entertaining in mind for those who love to host.  

The bottom line? Your custom home’s intelligent layout and thoughtful amenities will eliminate the need for costly renovation or separate building add-ons down the road. From day one, it works smarter for the way you actually live.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Of course, all the personal design touches would mean nothing without skilled execution. That’s where Hardwick GC truly shines. Our experienced construction crew and project managers bring an unparalleled level of quality, attention to detail, and professionalism to every custom home we build.

From precisely following the architectural plans to meticulous finish work to careful quality checks, we leave no stone unturned when bringing your dream home to life. We’ll keep you informed and looped into the process each step of the way too. Our goal? Deliver a final product that blows you away while making the entire experience a positive one.  

Not to mention, the premium materials and modern techniques we use ensure remarkable energy efficiency, structural integrity, and long-lasting beauty. A Hardwick custom home is built to retain its value and appeal for many years of practical, sustainable living.

Made for Central Florida Living

Last but certainly not least, our extensive local experience allows us to optimize every custom home for Florida’s unique scenery, climate, and architectural styles. Choose to channel Old Florida charm with a relaxed coastal aesthetic and privacy-maximizing layout. Or go sleek and modern with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. 

No matter your vision, we’ll seamlessly meld it with factors like hurricane resistance, temperature control, pool integration, and more. The end result is a showstopping residence that not only suits your taste but naturally fits into Florida’s Landscape and lifestyle.

If the idea of a meticulously crafted, 100% personalized new construction home in Central Florida speaks to you, we’d love to hear more about your goals. Our passionate Hardwick GC team will guide you through every phase with care and expertise. From those first design conversations to the final happy move-in day, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Don’t settle for anything less than true custom luxury tailored to your needs. Contact us today, and let’s start collaborating on that dream Florida home you’ve always wanted!