Greetings from sunny Central Florida! Here, outdoor living is our forte – and we definitely know a thing or two about making the most of the stunning year-round weather. After all, in our home state (and with springtime just around the corner), it really makes sense to move the boundaries of your living space out past the four walls of your home. Hardwick General Contracting’s homes shine when it comes to luxury outdoor living – and we’re excited to show you why!

We’re proud to work with many discerning homeowners throughout the area, and we’ve used these opportunities to craft outdoor oases that keep both style and functionality top of mind. From cozy fire pit lounges to showstopping outdoor kitchens, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all.

But trends are always evolving, and we make it our mission to stay ahead of the curve. As you read on, we’ll share our most up-to-date insights on what we consider the five hottest outdoor entertainment features that are taking luxury living in Orlando to new heights. Get ready to be wowed – and maybe even a little bit jealous! And, most of all, be prepared to pick out some inspirational features for your future dream home.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens Worthy of a Master Chef

Having a full-blown outdoor kitchen at your disposal can turn a simple dinner party into a whole different ball game. This space could soon offer top-of-the-line appliances, ample counter space for prepping and plating, and all the bells and whistles you could ever want. But those standard features are just the start. Why not cater to some of your specific favorite tastes? You could even explore built-in smokers, pizza ovens, ice makers and wine chillers, or more.

Imagine whipping up a gourmet feast for your guests while they lounge comfortably nearby, sipping on craft cocktails from your fully-stocked wet bar. With an outdoor kitchen like this, you’re sure to be the envy of all your foodie friends.


And when it comes to customization, the sky’s the limit. We work closely with our clients to understand their cooking styles, entertaining needs, and design preferences, ensuring that every outdoor kitchen we create is as unique as the homeowner themselves. Our bespoke spaces at Hardwick General Contracting extend far beyond front doors and family rooms!

  1. Alfresco Dining and Lounging Areas Built for Indulgence


Of course, what’s an incredible outdoor kitchen without an equally impressive dining and lounging area to complement it? We believe that these spaces should be much more than just a few chairs and a table – they should be true extensions of your indoor living areas, complete with all the creature comforts you’ve come to expect.

Start with some plush outdoor sofas and loungers, custom-built bars and entertaining spaces, and dining areas that can accommodate intimate gatherings or large-scale soirees with equal elegance. And let’s not forget the details that really take these spaces over the top, like built-in heaters, misters, and ambient lighting to set the perfect mood.

Spaces like these are the perfect setting for hosting a dinner party under the stars, with your guests comfortably seated around a beautiful, hand-crafted table, sipping fine wine and savoring the delicious creations you’ve whipped up in your outdoor kitchen. It’s the kind of experience that turns a simple meal into an unforgettable memory. And, with Florida’s lovely year-round weather, you’ll have more opportunities to make use of these incredible features.

  1. Resort-Style Pools and Water Features


What’s a luxury outdoor living space without a stunning pool to anchor it all? In Orlando (and especially in the summertime heat), we know that having a beautiful pool isn’t just a want, it’s a necessity. And at Hardwick General Contracting, we take pool design to the next level.

From sleek infinity-edge pools that seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape to tropical oasis-inspired lagoon pools complete with waterfalls and grottos, we can bring your wildest pool fantasies to life. And let’s not forget about those little extras that really make a pool area pop, like tanning ledges, in-pool loungers, and even swim-up bars.

But pools are just the start. We can also create features like reflecting pools that add a sense of tranquility and natural beauty to your outdoor space. Imagine spending a lazy afternoon lounging on a plush daybed, drink in hand, as you take in the soothing sights of your backyard pool. It’s the kind of zen-like experience that you’d typically only find at a high-end resort – but with one of our designs, it can be your everyday indulgence!

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Living at Its Finest


One of the biggest trends in luxury home design right now is the concept of indoor-outdoor living. This look is especially popular in warmer climates like our own – after all, there’s plenty more days of sunshine to enjoy while you’re living in Florida! And at Hardwick General Contracting, we’re masters at seamlessly blending these two worlds.

Through the use of retractable glass walls, oversized sliding doors, and expansive covered patios, we create spaces that effortlessly flow from the interior of your home to the outdoor living areas, providing a true sense of cohesion and openness. You can enjoy either time spent in a cozy indoors setting, an evening relaxing on the patio, or a full day spent with the doors open and fresh air merging both indoor and outdoor spaces into one perfect overall experience.

Imagine hosting a party where guests can easily move between the air-conditioned comfort of your living room and the lush, tropical oasis of your outdoor entertaining area without ever feeling like they’re transitioning from one totally different space into another. It’s a level of luxury and convenience that’s sure to impress even the most discerning of guests.

  1. Fire Features that Add Warmth and Ambiance


While Orlando may be known for its sunny skies and warm temperatures, there’s something undeniably cozy and inviting about incorporating fire features into your outdoor living space. This could be perfect during a chillier night – or simply the perfect conversation-starter and focal point for entertaining after dinner.

From sleek, modern fire pits and linear fireplaces to rustic, Old World-inspired fire tables and chimineas, these elements add a touch of warmth and ambiance that can instantly transform your outdoor area into a cozy retreat.

Imagine snuggling up with your loved ones on plush outdoor sofas, roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire pit, or sipping on a glass of scotch as you bask in the glow of an elegant linear fireplace. It’s the perfect way to extend the use of your outdoor living spaces into the cooler months, ensuring that you can enjoy them year-round.

Luxury Homes In Orlando: Bringing Your Outdoor Living Dreams to Life

Feeling inspired by these suggestions? We’d love to help you turn your new vision of outdoor entertaining luxury to reality – and we take pride in our resulting homes and happy family of clients. Our team of skilled designers and builders is up for any challenge – including crafting a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating showstopping outdoor kitchens, envisioning resort-worthy pool areas, and more. Plus, our focus on smart home design and green building allows you to craft this grand vision with an eye for sustainability and cost-effective savings over time, too.

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to personalized service and attention to detail. We take the time to truly understand your unique lifestyle, entertaining needs, and design preferences, ensuring that every element of your outdoor living space is perfectly tailored to you.

So, whether you’re looking to add a few upscale touches to your existing outdoor areas or embark on a full-scale outdoor living oasis project, we’re here to help. Contact us today and let’s start bringing your luxury outdoor living dreams to life.