At Hardwick General Contracting, we don’t just build houses – we craft livable masterpieces that elevate lifestyles while treading lightly on the environment. Our philosophy centers around the perfect balance of luxury and high-performance building practices. We believe that sustainable, energy-efficient living and opulent design need not be mutually exclusive. When artfully united, they create a powerful synergy that enhances homeowner experiences and benefits surrounding communities.  

As a premier luxury home builder in the Orlando area, our steadfast commitment to marrying luxury with eco-consciousness has earned us distinction as the first-ever recipient of the Florida Green Building Coalition’s esteemed Platinum Level certification. This accolade underscores our diligent implementation of sustainable strategies across all phases of the construction process.

So what exactly does “high-performance building” entail, and how do we seamlessly blend it with the lavish aesthetic you’d expect from a Hardwick home? Let’s explore the multi-faceted approach that allows us to consistently deliver residences that are as beautiful as they are environmentally responsible.

Energy Efficiency: The Foundation of High Performance

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of high-performance building, and it starts with the home’s very shell. Our architects and designers meticulously craft thermal envelopes that provide superior insulation and air sealing, minimizing energy loss through gaps, cracks, or insufficiently insulated areas. This ensures your home stays cool in summer and warm in winter with minimal strain on HVAC systems.

Our HVAC selections prioritize energy-efficient models that deliver optimal performance without spiking your utility bills. We incorporate zoned systems for customized temperature control across different living spaces, and energy recovery ventilators that capture energy from exhaust air. The end result? Year-round comfort is at a fraction of the energy footprint of traditional systems.  

Lighting is another area where we emphasize efficiency alongside elegance. Our lighting plans integrate ample natural illumination through strategic window placement. Interiors are then enhanced with energy-efficient fixtures that provide a warm, inviting ambiance. Dimmers, motion sensors, and smart home automation take it a step further, ensuring lights only illuminate occupied spaces as needed.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource, and its conservation is a top priority in our high-performance builds. We implement low-flow plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption without compromising performance. Many of our luxury homes also incorporate graywater recycling systems that filter and reuse water from sinks, showers, and washing machines for non-potable purposes.

Merging Luxury and Performance: Where Art Meets Science

You may be thinking, “This all sounds great from an efficiency standpoint, but what about the luxury factor?” Rest assured, our high-performance building practices in no way detract from the refined opulence that defines a Hardwick home. If anything, they elevate it.

Our design team deftly incorporates high-performance elements as part of the overall aesthetic. Premium insulation allows for innovative architectural details freed from obtrusive ductwork. Windows and skylights channel an abundance of warm natural light. Ventilation systems silently circulate fresh, conditioned air for perfect indoor air quality.

We lavish interiors with rich textures and luxurious finishes you’d expect – stone, wide-plank wood floors, designer tiles, and more – while leveraging their innate durability and performance characteristics. Imagine entertaining in a gourmet kitchen with stunning countertops and a high-end appliance package, knowing the space is ultra-efficient.

Our technology integration harmonizes high performance with modern convenience and sophisticated control. Smart home automation systems enable effortless management of lighting, climate, air quality, water consumption, and energy loads from a single interface or voice control. Programmable scenes let you customize the ambiance at the touch of a button.  

Truly, the union of luxury and high-performance building is a holistic endeavor that permeates every facet of a Hardwick home’s design and construction. Our team synthesizes the science of energy efficiency, resource conservation, and sustainable practices with artistic expressions of beauty, comfort, and inspired living. The realms of indulgence and environmental principles find their perfect equilibrium.

A Hardwick Home: An Investment in Your Future  

When you engage Hardwick General Contracting to bring your luxury dream home to life, you’re not just acquiring elite design and construction – you’re investing in a future of sustainable living. Our high-performance builds deliver immense long-term value by minimizing monthly utility expenses, reducing maintenance and repair costs, and enhancing overall longevity through durable choices.  

More importantly, a Hardwick home provides the peace of mind that comes with light environmental impact and resource stewardship. You can take pride in residing in a residence that’s as beautifully crafted as it is respectful of the world we share. 

If you’re ready to experience the perfect interplay of aesthetic grandeur and environmental sustainability, the first step is simple: contact us! Our team of luxury home experts is ready to guide you through the journey of turning your high-performance dream home into a remarkable reality in Orlando. Elevate your lifestyle while elevating the standards of responsible construction – it’s all perfectly balanced with Hardwick General Contracting.