On Saturday, October 24 the Hardwick General Contracting team gathered with our fellow Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA) members to celebrate the Major Achievement Awards. GOBA introduced the MAME Awards (Major Achievements in Marketing Excellence) in 1983 to honor and recognize the best in Sales, Marketing and Design and more. Every year industry professionals use the Majors as a springboard for careers and companies to reach the next level. Over the years, hundreds of award recipients have gone on to receive further recognition on the state and national level. The Hardwick General Contracting team was extremely surprised and honored to take home the Major Award for ALL five Custom Home and Remodeling categories- sweeping the awards in our categories.

Best Logo by a Custom Home Builder & Home Remodeler

The Hardwick General Contracting Logo was designed to reflect our company’s stability, classic style, and creative service in the home building industry. The text is done in a shade of Cadet Blue and combines a traditional Serif font with a crisp Sans Serif one for contrast and readability. The gray beveled design on the sides is like a nameplate that one would see on a building entrance, to suggest the role that Hardwick General Contracting has as a home builder. Twin scrolls in an architectural design frame the name at the top and bottom. This symbolizes the craftsmanship and creativity that the Hardwick team brings to each homeowner we serve. The overall design speaks to a trusted brand that is solid and reliable, going above and beyond for our customers. It is a legacy brand that is crafted to endure, just like the homes we build.

Best Social Media Program by a Custom Home Builder and Remodeler

Hardwick General Contracting has a robust Social Media program which includes regular posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, HOUZZ, Google Places and YouTube. The program is managed by Laura Richeson and Sunshine Woodyard of Richeson Communications. Some posts provide regular updates of projects and recognition, and others link to the website or provide testimonials. Videos are posted each month, including groundbreaking and ribbon cutting videos of current projects, which have proved very popular with our audience. There is always good interaction and participation with each post. In the past year, our social media program enjoyed measurable success. Facebook post shares increased 95% and comments increased 690%. Impressions across social media platforms totaled over 500,000, a 300% increase.

Best Website by a Custom Home Builder & Home Remodeler

The Hardwick General Contracting Website is an ever-evolving marketing tool that adjusts and expands as our company grows. Our team at HardwickGC realizes that the customer experience comes first when it comes to a website design, so we have built a web presence that allows visitors to intuitively find everything they seek. High-quality visual media is the core of the website. We use professional photos of past projects on every page of the site, to offer inspiration and help potential clients understand what we do. Photos rotate on the home page of the website and are also viewable in the Gallery.

In addition to high-end photos, we constantly produce new written content to engage with our audience, including blog posts, photos, and client testimonials. On our About Page, we introduce the Hardwick family and maintain an updated list of our volunteer activities, awards, positions, and qualifications. In-depth blog posts with interviews of past clients are used to demonstrate HardwickGC’s expertise and build authority and trust. This helps potential clients get a better feel for our values, quality, and experience. It all works together to form a powerful marketing hub for our company.

Best Print Ad by a Custom Home Builder & Home Remodeler

We chose to publish a one-page color ad in the Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Passport Winter Park. We featured photos from recently completed projects and a picture of Greg Hardwick, our President. The copy highlights our luxury home building and renovation services in this high-end market. PASSPORT WINTER PARK is a luxury guide that focuses on locally owned businesses and entrepreneurs using vibrant portrait photography to capture the essence of their brand. Published twice a year and distributed to local businesses and in-room at The Alfond Inn, Park Plaza and new Hilton Garden capturing the relocation audience in addition to locals and the second home market. Shopping, Dining, the Arts, Home Design & Builders, Real Estate Agencies and more.

Best Digital Promotion by a Custom Home Builder & Home Remodeler

Hardwick General Contracting is a proud member of the Master Custom Builder Council (MCBC). We participated in a digital feature on the MCBC “custombuilt.com” online directory. This annual publication allows Central Florida clients to view examples of the work of a variety of high-end local builders. The feature includes information on the Hardwick team and photos of some of our projects. It also highlights our participation in the Florida Green Building Coalition, which we partner with to certify our homes under the Green Home standard. Our partnership with the MCBC has resulted in several client projects that we are very proud of.

We are grateful to the Greater Orlando Builders Association for honoring us with these awards. 2020 has been an interesting year, but our team has continued to build strong and grow our capabilities for the future. The Hardwick General Contracting Team was thrilled to celebrate success in 2020, and we look forward to continuing to grow and serve our clients in Central Florida.