HardwickGC ClientLink Intro:

Part of providing an exceptional custom home or renovation experience involves how we interact along the way with our clients. For the last 15-years HardwickGC has partnered with UDA Technologies to provide access to all kinds of information – budgets, schedules, progress photos, messaging, selections, etc. to create a seamless, transparent, and error free process.

The video is a great intro to one of the ways our clients interact with the construction process. One of the many reasons our clients love working with our team.

‘Greg and the team at Hardwick General Contracting have built not only award-winning homes, but a reputation of excellence – Receiving the distinction of the Master Custom Builder Council’s Builder of the Year and Greater Orlando’s Remodeler of the Year, and Florida Home Builder’s Remodeler of the Year, it is no surprise that Greg consistently delivers a seamless, extraordinary customer experience paired with distinct craftsmanship that sets his firm apart from the competition.

Since beginning our partnership in 2004, it was apparent that Greg would become a leader in the use and adoption of construction-focused technology, as well as a strong contributor to the success of UDA Technologies: Paired with industry knowledge only a master builder would know, Greg’s insightful feedback for ConstructionOnline and ConstructionSuite has allowed our team to better develop a successful platform for builders worldwide.’- Vega Foster, UDA Product Specialist